RCDv57 writes:

“Greyster Jemp is over”

Sorry everybody, but I will no longer be working on Greyster Jemp.
Not too many are going to read this, but those that are deserve an explanation.
As you are well aware Greyster Jemp was and is an extremely experimental comic. What you might not know is that my main goal for myself with it was to first and foremost force myself to practice drawing every day. This worked out exactly how I hoped it would, and it was a lot of fun to just throw out any and all ideas that came to mind. However as I continued to work, it became more and more clear to me that I wanted to make an Action Comic. I have tried to turn GSJ into one, but that does not match up with the first couple of pages at all. This is very confusing and jarring for new readers.
So while I bring you this sad news, I am also making an announcement. On May 30th I will be coming out with a new Action Comic. In the time up until then I will be developing a plot, designing characters, and figure drawing.
Thanks for understanding, and I hope to see you guys around with the new comic!
P.S. Here are all the spoilers for things that I had been planning:
Volta beats up Bill, then trains him how to fight.
Bill goes back to the Nobusaki High School amusement park.
Illuminati Insurance installs a giant Star shaped moon in orbit around the earth.
Antcat gets a ton of money, and runs for President with Bill. "Vote for Ancat, is good for you!"
In October Christy and Wizard* get a necronomicon to bring Santa back to life. Bill kills Wizard, leaving Christy with the Book.
After Santa comes back, Volta fights him and loses.
Bill kills Santa in one punch that rips the universe in half. On Christmas day. lol.
No idea what I was gonna do after that.
*The guy from the coffee shop